The Pixie - How It Changed My View

What is up with all these ladies chopping off their hair? That was my first thought this year when I  saw this trend. Then I started seeing it more and more on social media. The pixie is the one haircut I had never tried before. I've had my hair pretty much every color of the rainbow, but not this haircut that I thought was masculine. I was itching for some rebellion against the "female norm". It turns out that I was so wrong. I feel more feminine now than ever.


After looking up hundreds of photos of Michelle  Williams glorious pixie, I found the perfect one. I sent a photo to my hairdresser and she was ecstatic! I told her I wanted to be a pastel pink pixie as well. I figured if I am gonna go for it, I want to be a rebellious unicorn. She first had to bleach my hair, which is super bad for your hair FYI, but on a pixie you can always just grow it out and chop it off. YOLO! Do the kids use that anymore? Next up was the pastel pink. She used different tints and tones of pastel pink to give my hair dimension. This girl is like freakin' Picasso. Anyways, she ended up spending 4 hours on my hair to turn it into something better than I imagined. Thank you Tessa at Champagne Hair Lounge. Before you chop your hair off, see what I've learned below.

Wearing the Sharon Dress from my Fall/Winter 2017 Bespoke Collection -   available here

Wearing the Sharon Dress from my Fall/Winter 2017 Bespoke Collection - available here

What I've learned so far about having a pixie:

  1.  Start with a longer pixie before taking the plunge.
  2. You save on shampoo, use less water and pretty much any hair styling product. 
  3.  It's a great conversation starter for my business.
  4.  Doesn't get in my way of sewing. 
  5.  I feel like a boss.
  6.  Pomade is my best friend. 
  7. Rediscovered my beauty. Hair does not define me, but definitely conveys a bold sense of freedom. 

- NM