I'm a nasty woman...

Duy Ho Photography

Duy Ho Photography

...and I get sh*t done.

After this past month, I literally felt numb with all the hate I was seeing towards my fellow Americans. I did what I knew best to help me cope with any anxiety, I created art. I designed a scarf that was inspired by every "nasty" woman. It's amazing how a remark towards an intelligent woman to degrade her actually created a movement. Every one started calling themselves a nasty woman in a positive connotation. 

Urban Dictionary's top definition for "nasty woman" reads as follows:

"A confident, poised woman who strikes fear in the heart of man-babies when she clearly articulates rational arguments and/or takes action."

Also, I believe a "nasty woman" is somehow who is confident, independent and gets sh*t done.


50% of the profit will go directly to Planned Parenthood, because I believe every woman deserves healthcare. When I couldn't afford a doctor to get a check up, they helped me right away at PP. So to the guys outside the PP with signs saying, "baby killers", go fly a kite. I'm pretty sure they have never been inside a PP, yet alone spent the time to research what PP really does for women and even men. They give you PREVENTATIVE CARE and very rarely do abortions. I believe everyone deserves healthcare because that's what a decent human being does. You help your neighbors. 

With this purchase you will help a local woman run business and help others in need.

Be kind to others. 


Nikki Marie

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