A Wild Dream Affair: How To Style The Katie Top For Date Night

Oh how the dating world has changed! Now you have Tinder, which I believe is insane. One of my friends has had 50 matches at once. Holy Moly! Talk about being overwhelmed. So we are living in a fast-paced dating world and gotta think quick on our feet about what to wear after work for a date night with a possible Mr. or Mrs. Perfect. That's where the Katie Top comes into the picture. 

What I love about the Katie Top is that it's so versatile. You can easily take it from the work look from my previous post and turn it into an elegant top. I styled it with a flirty flared faux leather skirt and thigh high socks because you want to show your possible suitor, "hey I am a hip girl and have a little edge." I used a black bottom again with this styling because it is slimming and draws attention to your face. Hopefully, your date knows how to be a decent human being and look at you when you talk about how fabulous you are. If he doesn't, check please! 

Like the gem that you are, adding bold jewel tones is a great way to add a pop of color. I am wearing the Becca emerald green silk scarf. I believe it is so striking and a universal color that looks amazing on anyone. Also, I have had many great things happen while wearing it. Maybe it can bring you a little luck on your date night.

It is all about bold prints and luxurious texture in my world. I am so happy to see more of it in the fashion world this season. I added this Rag & Bone moto jacket to tie the whole look together. It is an elegant look with a dash of edge. They are another company I love! Quality made apparel. What is really cool about the jacket is that the sleeves zip off. Game changer.

Love my Kate Spade wallet. It is the perfect size to fit all my necessities without lugging around a huge purse.

Love my Kate Spade wallet. It is the perfect size to fit all my necessities without lugging around a huge purse.

Makeup was kept simple again. Like I always say, when the brows are on point you don't need much eye makeup. I am wearing my vintage emerald and diamond stone earrings (costume jewelry) to really enhance that green in the scarf and dress up my easy as pie hairstyle. I had it in a bun all day for work and the hair gods were with me when I took it down.

Now that you're all set in the OOTDN (outfit of the date night) department, you will walk into that date owning the room and possibly your suitor's heart at the end of the night. 

My last thought of this post is to just be yourself ladies! Don't ever change yourself to fit into someone's image of the "perfect girl." Be unique and confident in your own skin. The right person will come along. Trust me. 


Nikki Marie