From Recycled Blue Jeans To Couture

 The fashion world is known for it's allure...

but did you know how wasteful it can be? Fast fashion, such as Forever 21, is creating a world of disposable clothing. Something like a trendy top, is worn a few times and then thrown out. However, one remarkable thing that is gaining popularity is recycled fashion. Even top designers, such as Gary Harvey, are inspired by vintage couture and make each piece entirely from recycled clothing. His creations were definitely an inspiration to me.

     I have always had a love of thrift shopping and creating unusual pieces from my finds at my local Savers store. That is why I decided to create the Blue Jean Couture Gown. It is created from a range of different size jeans. I used hand pleating, drapery and

patchwork to design a one of a kind dress. 

Blue Jean Couture Gown

Our world is noticeably changing and we all can make a conscious effort by just simply buying locally and recycling.