Behind The Seams

Nothing like that rush of butterflies before watching your hard work walk along the runway.

A great example of life backstage; models anxiously waiting and the designer Nikki Marie making sure every last detail is perfect! 

Nikki Marie was a featured artist at Raw San Jose 2013. It was an amazing experience!  We worked endless hours of sewing to put on a great show, and we are proud to say it paid off.  There were so many amazing artists that brought the same mentality to the event; give it your all or go home.

In the video interview, Nikki Marie describes the not so pretty side to designing, "apparel design is fun when the end product is done, but leading up to that point there is a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Literally! In a business where you are considered a dime a dozen, you gotta follow your heart, network and have thick skin. " 

A great example of the stressful side of the business is taking a glimpse backstage. This is where you'll see the leaders clearly. They are the ones frantically running around. From the models hair and makeup to a thread hanging from the hem of a dress, the designer makes sure every last detail is perfect! 

We would like to give a big hug and thanks to the models, dressers, hair and makeup staff for helping us bring this vision to life!  



Nikki Marie