Blvd. Of Dreams

Pictured here: The always effortlessly styled girl and my sister, Marisa.

I recently went on a road trip to Los Angeles. That is where I renewed my outlook on fashion. My look has always been retro, but somehow the tinsel town and locals influenced this urban/boho girl deep down within my stylish soul.

Where's my James Dean?
       This outfit just screams Southern California girl. I wore this outfit on a vintage shopping trip to Shareen Vintage. I really wanted to play up the mix of textures and different washes of denim. The lace blouse under the jacket is a vintage "Valentina" from Spring 1951. Valentina was a visionary of her time, but sadly she hasn't gotten the deserved recognition for her couture work during the era of Dior. I strongly recommend checking out her work. The clutch is a vegan design, since being vegan is a new way of life for most in SoCal ( sorry I will admit that I am a Greek-American, so I like a good burger from time to time). Last but not least, a busy girl needs here Starbucks fix. They weren't kidding when my friends told me there is a Starbucks on every corner!

Pictured here: My cousin Mary rocking a coral bracelet.

       Coral and turquoise colors are a big part of the new Spring season. How can you go wrong with a coral bangle that just says, "casual elegance" ? My cousin really did it right with the coral and turquoise combo. You can't help but be drawn to her. As long as you have a matching colorful personality, these colors really can work on many skin tones.

Pictured here: The fabulous Mary looking vibrant in the Coral Turquoise combo.

Bottega Louie is the new hot spot for a mimosa and Quiche Lorraine type of breakfast. Right when you first walk in you see a case of exquisitely adorned pink raspberry tart cakes.

The Bottega Louie case of pure luxury. The tarts even had gold flakes!!

Of course, I am in love already. Then you see the marble floor and bright white 20 foot ceilings and you feel like you are in the heart of Italy. In the midst of loud conversations, I couldn't help but stare up at the ceiling and appreciate the intricate work that went into every inch of the restaurant.

I felt like I was in the palace of restaurant royalty.   

        I managed to leave room for my favorite dessert. A chocolate raspberry tart. I was in utter bliss. Every bite was sending me closer and closer to heaven. 

      We did have many adventures the night before, but who wants to hear about how I danced the night away in my bright blue-violet 6 inch pumps? A lady always keeps it classy. I will say that the Standard hotel on the eve of the Grammy's had a few recognizable faces. 
Our view of the city of lights from the Rooftop at The Standard Hotel.

       Venice Beach Boardwalk was the last stop on our road trip. One thing I fell in love with was the graffiti. Surprisingly, I like the urban beauty behind the typography and imagery. It has such a raw look and the colors used are truely inspiring. 

Graffiti artist working on a new piece.

Palm trees and skateboarders crossed my path as I tried to quickly get a shot of my new vintage find from Shareen Vintage. A peasant blouse maxi dress full of wit. It may have been over the top, but life is too short not to look fabulous. 

"Fashions fade. Style is eternal." YSL

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