Pull Up In Your Fast Car...


...Whistling my name.
      I recently went to the event called, "Snow A White Fashion Event," over the weekend. They took over this automotive garage in the heart of the San Francisco working class and tried to make the dull garage look like a winter wonderland. The dress code was strictly white attire, so it was clear that my bright and patterned closet would not do. I went every where from Nordies to vintage shops and I frustratingly could not find that "snow white" ensemble I was dreaming of to wear. 

Therefore, I purchased some beaming white ponte jersey knit for the main structure of the dress, white netting to hold the sweetheart bodice construction and a gorgeous sheer white swiss dot organza. I sewed my little heart away for a day or so. Now this is when friends joke of my "Nikki Marie Sweatshop" because I tend to avoid all other communications when I'm in the zone.

The snazzy dress was not complete without a Nikki Marie accessory. The clutch I sported was created from vintage movie posters that have witty typography and imagery. It was not fully edgy without a few adorned British studs of course.

My night was complete when I found the picture perfect moment. How can you go wrong with a classic polished car in the background? It was just like it was brought from a 1960s Hollywood set. J'adore!  

Waiting for my date...James Dean.

Dress:  Nikki Marie
Clutch: Nikki Marie

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