Dressed to Impress: Interview Ready

Three things you MUST have for an interview in the fashion world: 

A resume that reflects your experience and skills.

     Add a dash of personality to keep the interviewer(s) wanting to know more. You know you're fantastic in your mind, but does your resume paint that same magical world of yours that you are the best at your field and no other interviewee could ever top you? I would suggest preparing the night before explaining your skills, so the explanation doesn't go on and on and on...not fun for anyone in the interview.

Portfolio that consists of your greatest work.

     The portfolio is just as important as the resume. One thing to remember is do not say anything while the interviewer(s) look extensively at your portfolio or what I like to call, "my baby." As you sit there nervously in pure silence while the interviewer(s) nod and make faces at your collection of work, think back to when you put your portfolio together. Does this body of work really make a comprehensive visual of your talent and style? Also and most importantly, is it the right fit for that company?

Last, but not least an outfit that showcases your personality. 

     This is the part where you can have a little fun with an appropriate outfit. What is this "appropriate" outfit most how-to books tell you? Basically for women, do not wear anything you would wear to the clubs. If you are trying out for Jersey Shore, then more power to you. Thankfully, the fashion world wants to see someone dressed to impress. 

 Are you planning on wearing a skirt and blouse? Make sure the skirt hem hits at the knee or lower and the top is a long sleeve and doesn't have you popping out of it. You want to look sharp like you are going to church or fashion church. Also, wear a color or print that brings out personality and isn't offensive to the interviewer(s). A good example is the outfit I wore to my interview today. I tend to put up my hair so I don't do the nervous twirling of the hair. Makeup is daytime appropriate and remember don't drown yourself is perfume. A lot of individuals are sensitive these days, especially with all the allergies. Lastly, remain poised and articulate your words.

Have fun and really show the interviewer(s) how great of a catch you are. Good luck to you all that go through this process.

Peace. Love. Fashion.

Nikki MarieComment